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Undercover Agent

Dolphin Detective & Investigations plants its professionals into a Client Company at various hierarchical levels to decipher the root cause of all anti-management activities, pilferages and thefts, leakage of information, sabotage, production losses / wastages, and any other inside information that needs to be known. Our teams of professionals consist of various businesses, ethnic, social and geographical backgrounds. Our Operatives along with training in the field are capable of working in a number of industries and occupations.

Undercover Operations are a very complex task and we formulate a custom strategy to correctly plant our Operative into the Client setup and scoop out as much information on any unethical practices. 

Dolphin Detective & Investigations can be defined as a well-known private investigation agency in India, which takes the help of modern tools and technicalities for better investigation purposes. Among various forms of services offered by our well-trained professionals, undercover services denote special mention. With the help of this program, professionals are placed at different hierarchical levels, with the main aim to find the core causes behind the anti-management activities.

Our undercover agents are trained under strict guidance from reliable professionals, which will help them to judge the main areas, associated with thefts, anti-management activities, pilferage, information leakage and other areas, as well. If you are worried about production losses or wastage and think that someone in your company is the culprit, then we are the most reliable name to focus on.

Kindly do not hesitate to call we will be more than happy to assist you further and give you the right advice to know more about our services and other queries please call us on 9673803007 or through email to