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Recovery Services

Recovery of Money

Recovery Of Money Services In today's liberalized business environment, loans and borrowings are easily available. With the growing financial and economic activities, there has been rise in bad debts as well. Though, all the financial institutions, banks and other money lenders carryout basic verifications, yet the habitual defaulters succeed not only in availing loans and finances while submitting false, fabricated and manipulated documents but such defaulters also are clever enough to avoid/delayed payments of legitimate dues while adopting one or the other tricks or tactics.

Type of Matter

We undertake all types of money recovery matters such as:

  • Cheque bouncing cases,
  • Bank loan default cases,
  • Loans default by companies,
  • Default matters relating to NBFCs,
  • Breach of commercial contracts,
  • Breach of agreements,
  • Recovery suits in High Courts and Subordinate Courts.

Property Recovery- India Property Disputes- Property Dispute Resolution:

We provide total real estate solution to overseas clients in particular and Indian clients in general having real estate disputes in India. Fraud and disputes related to property in India are serious challenges associated with Indian Real Estate. The ignorance on the part of the investors, buyers, purchasers regarding property laws and property rights have made them succumb to property disputes and fraudulent dealings. In India, Real Estate transactions are executed underwritten legal documents which require compulsory Registration. A slip in adhering to this rule would lead to misunderstandings, different interpretations and litigation.

The sheer number of cases filed in property matters goes to show that scrutiny and drafting of various legal property documents are major areas of improvement. Most of the times it is the failure on people's part to take extra care for tracing the title of the disputed property that leads to various types of litigation.

Varied forms of disputes can be associated with property related dispute matters including: agreement disputes, boundary disputes, dispute over division of property, dispute over property rights. The information provided in this section may supplement the legal advice given by your servicing lawyer. If you are bogged down by the behavior of a tenant who was renting your property and refusing to vacate the premises even after the expiration of the lease.

If the idea of making frequent trips to India regarding a prolonged land/property dispute in your home town daunts you or if you are stuck in a dispute with respect to a specific property including estate dispute over property and seeking a quick legal dispute settlement please do not hesitate to get in touch by putting your query at

We will provide you with total real estate solutions relating to any disputes you are undergoing. To clients based outside India, our services are spot on, where we in India can provide actual representation. Our approach is to make an accurate assessment of your problem and advise you on the solutions available to you peculiar to your situation within the Indian legal framework. We can also make available to individuals and corporations planning to purchase or sell property in India, legal advice and assistance on how to validate clear title proofs for a property, etc.

Kindly do not hesitate to call we will be more than happy to assist you further and give you the right advice to know more about our services and other queries please call us on 9673803007 or through email to