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Proof of Evidence

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Proof of Evidence

Authenticity of any observations or comments depends directly on the level of evidences and proofs, which are produced in support. Outcome of any dispute/litigation is based on documentary proofs, corroborative or circumstantial evidences produced before the court.

Financial Information :
Financial investigation is undertaken to know the financial status of an individual. We carry out this task in time bound and discreet manner.

Medical Records/ Behavior :
We shall procure details of pre existing diseases and obtain medical records of treatment from the concerned hospital/clinic. to strengthen divorce cases on cruelty, insanity and on grounds of mental torture and harassments or sometimes employees health details required by many employers.

Proofs of Gainful Employment :
We shall procure salary slips, ID card details, photographs or any other evidence which shall establish gainful employment of the target person and such evidences shall be admissible during trial in all the courts. Objective is to counter bogus financial claims of the litigant on the plea of unemployment.

Proofs of Moveable/Immovable Assets
Such investigations are useful in monetary disputes for attachment of property or realization of court degrees or even in business dealings / due-diligence cases. We shall prepare a dossier on all the moveable/immovable assets registered in the name of the target person and acquire possible evidences in support of the reports.

Character Dossier :
We shall collect photographs, video clips & and all possible documents thru secret surveillance & discreet inquiries from different sources. These proofs shall be photographs of their traveling together in car/auto/bus, going to restaurants/parks/other public places, kissing / hugging inside car / parks / restaurants / other public places. Also, these proofs shall be supported with cell call details of latest one month. Objective is to acquire all possible evidences & proofs for court purposes/negotiations.

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