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Dolphin Detective & Investigations Website Terms & Conditions of use

The material contained in this web site has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing information about Dolphin Detective & Investigations, its subsidiaries and associated companies and the services which they offer. 

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The client assumes responsibility to provide accurate information concerning the investigation. The Dolphin Detective & Investigations is not responsible for unproductive investigative time resulting from inaccurate Information supplied by the client. Dolphin Detective & Investigations will update to the client in a timely manner after every one weeks. The client agrees that meetings and conversations with Dolphin Detective & Investigations officials will be done during the weekdays only between 10 am to 6 pm.

If any dispute or deficiency in services rendered the client can take legal action only in the jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai only.

All the evidences along with all the documents, video, photographs etc. will be handed over to the client. If in case the client decides to cancel or stop the investigations within 24 hours 50% amount of the total advance would be charged

Neither Party shall disclose this Terms & Conditions , or any provision of it, or any work generated in the performance of this Terms & Conditions , to any other person other than: - A person engaged in carrying out this Terms & Conditions ; or Those of its employees or professional advisers to whom such disclosure is reasonably necessary; or As required by law of India. Neither Party shall make use of any information issued or furnished by or on behalf of the other Party, other than for the purpose of this Terms & Conditions or any technical information related to the collection of data except with the written consent of the other Party, save as the use of such information is required by statute or subordinate legislation.  All such information shall be treated as strictly confidential.