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Infidelity / Character

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Infidelity / Character

Infidelity is a habit which keeps growing, if not checked. Therefore, you must get the smallest suspicion investigated at the earliest stage to avoid future problems. We offer following packages for character verification:

Discreet Surveillance :
We shall deploy our investigators equipped with required mobility, communication and sophisticated surveillance equipment to secretly monitor all the movement, meeting and activities of the subject person and take photo/video of suspicious activities. Thus, surveillance shall reveal the truth supported with proofs/evidences, which shall assist client in taking appropriate decision. Obviously, these proofs shall be useful to counter the subject person during discussions and or litigation.

Facts Finding Inquiries :
This package is combination of 5 days physical surveillance, latest one month's electronic details and secret inquiries from different sources. Objective is to verify the character of subject person, with supporting evidences as acquired during physical/electronic surveillance.

Character Dossier :
Shall acquire photos/audio/video/cell details/other proofs thru secret surveillance & discreet inquiries from different sources. These proofs shall be photos of their traveling together in car/auto/bus, going to restaurants/parks/other public places, kissing/hugging inside car/parks/restaurants/other public places. Also, these proofs shall be supported with cell call details of latest one month. Objective is to acquire all possible evidences & proofs for court purposes/negotiations.