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Is it worth pursuing the “debtor” for the money they owe us? A Pre-Sue Report is one of the most common reports our private detectives are asked to complete. It will take a snapshot and basic look into the financial status of a subject. Have they been bankrupt before or had judgments made against them? Are they credit worthy? Do they own properties or vehicles? It is a precursor and aid to advise somebody in whether they should pursue chasing a debt owed to them, before wasting legal fees and time in trying to collect something that cannot be collected. The next level of report is the Asset Search, do they have other assets of significant value that can be used to settle the debt owed to us? We need to get the money out of this guy is a statement we hear on a weekly basis. Does he own property? Stocks/shares, cars, boats, planes? Our investigators are experts in finding the missing. Surveillance operations backed up with desk based investigation and the use of tracker technology can often have eye widening results.*

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