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Covert & Undercover Assignments

The range of covert assignments covered by our London operations team is very wide. From posing as undercover customers for major retailers and mystery shopping to offering undercover security support to identifying people working when they say they are not. In the last 12 months we have investigated all sorts of scenarios from hairdressers to builders to real estate agents. Our private investigators continue to use up-to-date equipment and surveillance techniques to stay ahead of the game. This includes wearing discrete covert cameras. There is an art to wearing this equipment and being able to film the subject of enquiry without bringing attention to yourself and still getting quality footage for the client and to prove the case.

In the past many of our agents have taken covert assignments to aid Child Support maintenance cases where spouses are claiming that they are not working or unable to make payments.

The art of an undercover operative is different to others. A cover story is essential and the agent will often take on a false name and identity to protect his real life. The private investigator has to be a good actor to maintain the story. Gentle, subtle probing and questioning by an experienced undercover agent can often lead to the answers that can break a case. The experience of the private detective in befriending someone and asking the right questions is all important. Some operations may go on for months at a time, for example, in the past we have had an agent who operated undercover for over six months in a leading household brand name retailer who was experiencing major stock losses in their warehouses.

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