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Competitive Intelligence Investigation

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Competitive Intelligence Investigation

To do research of future prospects many organizations are adopting Competitive Intelligence Investigation. It helps the business owner to modify his/her firm’s position in market place. Dolphin Detective & Investigations provides you the service of Competitive Intelligence Investigation by investigating and advising about the capabilities, intentions and actions of current and potential competitors that provides input in planning long term strategy and goals.

Our Competitive Intelligence service provides all the information useful to analyze information sources outside the organization which can help you to take correct decisions to expand your business and make it more profitable.

Some of the common factors which are considered during establishing the business are as following:

  • Analyze and Gauge the marketing activities of the primary competitors based upon the positions in the market and associated marketing strategies.
  • Evaluate competitor’s performances and standing in the respective Industry and identify key factors underlying their success and failure.
  • Evaualate the current and future resources and competencies of each competitor.

We know the fine link between intelligence and espionage in the corporate sector and we are able to assist you by both procuring evidences, proofs & information about your competitors. We are able to give you all possible solutions related to the analysis of the competition to define and to create a competitive edge of the organization in order to reach a larger goal, that is market expansion and profitability.

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