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Do I really want to award this INR200,000 contract to this firm before doing some due diligence. Our private investigators can rifle through company records and histories and do investigations into companies with due diligence far beyond cursory Google searches. Is this company in line with our morals and ethics? Do we want to do business with them? Have they or their subsidiaries ever been declared bankrupt or in liquidation? Are the directors of these companies’ reputable people who I want to do business with?

Our most recent case involved our researchers looking at the financial records and history of a gentleman who was supposedly involved in the alleged supply of retail products from the Middle East. The result was that there were no goods being shipped, the invoicing and companies involved were all false and effectively it was a money laundering scam. Our financial and forensic accounting service was able to provide our client with a report that strengthened their case and the evidence is now being considered for criminal prosecution.

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